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Hello everybody this is Tim Brooks with the Brooks group at Keller Williams Realty today I'm very excited to present to you real estate transaction overview a bird's eye view of the real estate transaction from the very beginning when we're first meeting with a prospect all the way through the end, and we're collecting a check at the closing table now I want you to start thinking about the deal flow of a real estate transaction in two phases the first phase is going to be the sales process, so that's going to be meeting your client prospecting and going all the way through negotiating and ratifying a contract the second phase is going to be the contract to close phase and that's going to be from contract ratification to closing now this is an overall view of the transaction deal flow with the sellers portion of the transaction being on the left-hand side and the buyers side of the transaction is on the right-hand side notice the seller has a comparatively fewer steps in the transaction process where the buyer actually has a lot more steps in that transaction so let's start on the seller side and as you can see there really just isn't a lot to it, so we're going to start out with a seller we're going to have a listing appointment go on that listing appointment, and we're going to go over the market analysis with them, we're going to go over the listing paperwork itself that makes them a client we're also at that time there we're going to have them sign all the disclosures that were ultimately going to give to the buyer which will then come back to the seller in the form of an offer and then a ratified contract so present the CMA establish a listing price which is part of the listing agreement have the listing agreement signed preferably at that initial meeting that you go to with them and then from there you have a signed listing you're going to come back to the office that's going to go in the MLS we're going to put in all the advertising we're going to do which most of it gets fed in through the MLS and lists hub and some of the other means that we advertise through we're also going to be in boomtown making our cold calls everything else hold open houses and really once that marketing goes out there and our prospecting calls with our buyers that's about it on the seller side don't forget we're going to have at that point we're going to order professional photographs we're going to make sure that the lockbox gets put on that property, but one of my goals is really to go out to that property as few times as possible so again go to the property meet with the seller establish the price get the listing agreement signed get your disclosure sign put it in the MLS have your professional photos done and then that's it that's why sellers are so awesome to work with because it's really it's fire-and-forget guess who's actually going to go sell that listing is it going to be you know it's going to be somebody else that's why I've always loved listing more...
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